Exercise Bike Tablet Holder

Using the 3D printer and simple shop tools to construct a tablet holder and mount for an exercise bike:

At work we have an exercise bike that I like to use regularly. Unfortunately, riding for long periods of time is quite dull. I decided I wanted to design and construct a tablet holder and mount so that I could watch TV shows while exercising. Unfortunately, the design of the exercise bike means that the handlebars are below the level of the seat. A simple mount that fixes the tablet to the handlebars would mean that I would have to crane my neck downwards at all times, this was unacceptable. So I designed a mount that securely fastened to the double handlebars of the bike and raised the level of the tablet such that a more comfortable sitting position could be achieved. The tablet is held securely in place at the top of this apparatus. The holder was designed specifically for my Samsung S3, so it fits nice a snug with access to the buttons and headphone jack.  All black pieces shown are 3D printed (which really served me well, the handlebars are angled at 12 deg, and this was easily overcome with the 3D printer). The remainder of the setup was constructed using some scrap aluminum that we had in the shop.