Respirator Adapter


It was time to replace the filters for my face mask respirator that I use in the shop with everything from painting to grinding. The mask I use has a two-part filter. The filters are removable (a single filter is shown below). The main body of the filter is quite substantial and completely sealed. I assume that this portion of the filter is used for organic vapours. I did not want to replace these as they are probably expensive and I have not had the mask for very long. However, under the white plastic cap (which snaps off) is a second paper disc filter which was completely clogged with dust particles from my grinding operations. I wanted to replace these filters, so I wrote down the model number and purchased 3 sets of 2 from McMaster Carr.

When the filters arrived, to my dismay, they were much too large for my purposes (despite the correct model number). Instead of sending them back, I decided to make an adapter using my 3D printer. The adapters are made from two pieces. An adapter piece that serves to increase the radius and hold the new larger filter, and a top that seals the new filter in place and allows airflow through the completed assembly.


Solidworks Files (download):

Adapter piece 1 – [Sld part] [Stl file]

Adapter piece 2 – [Sld part] [Stl file]