Frunk Plugs

Plugging holes in the frunk (front trunk).

After removing my broken A/C system completely from the car. I was left with a number of gaping holes in the frunk. I initially had patched these up using duct tape, but I thought a more permanent solution was warranted. I measured the hole diameters using a dial caliper (Imperial) and then designed a variety of plug’s for my 3D printer to make. Apparently you can buy OEM rubber plugs (or rubber bushings) for these holes as is shown in the service manual diagram provided by MR2Oc.

SAMSUNG CSCfender apron-dash panel

Plug Diameter
1. 1.375" [SLDwrks file]
2. 1.08" [SLDwrks file]
3. 0.782" [SLDwrks file]
4. 0.585" [SLDwrks file]
5. 0.27" [SLDwrks file]


The plugs were designed to be a press-fit. However silicone RTV was  applied to the lips to produce a weather tight seal. Below the installed plugs are shown.