Fuel Pump Replacement

How to drop your fuel tank and replace your fuel pump:

for this job you need to disconnect all the fuel lines and drop the fuel tank. Unfortunately Toyota did not make the fuel pump accessible from the cabin, instead they made the fuel level sender accessible.

Disconnecting the lines is not difficult, just time consuming. After this you need to loosen the two straps that hold up the fuel tank. If you have drained the tank, it is not very heavy and you can lower it with one hand no problem. Remember to disconnect the electrical connections on the top before lowering! Remove the fuel pump assembly from the tank and replace the pump with the new unit, I went with an OEM Denso replacement.


Installation is the opposite of removal. Since the tank is out of the car anyway, you might as well replace all the tank seals too. There is the fuel filler seal, fuel drain plug (88+) seal, fuel pump seal.