Steel Brake Lines

Replacing worn rubber brake lines with stainless steel:

Since I was rebuilding the brake calipers anyway, I thought I might as well replace the brake lines as well. With some research I found a set of stainless steel braided brake lines from Goodridge that fit the 88 MR2. Steel brake lines are supposed to firm up the brake pedal feel as they flex less than rubber. More importantly, I was worried that the rubber on my 25 year old brake lines would crack, leading to a loss in pressure and loss in braking ability. The hardest part of this job is getting the old brake lines out, I needed to use a propane torch on the end fittings to get them undone. Also, use flare nut wrenches, as standard wrenches do not provide enough grip. Remove the metal clip used the hold the lines to the strut housing with a hammer and chisel, you will need to re-use this clip later, so keep it handy. You will also need the brake fittings (small open claw-like clips) from the old brake lines. So remove them and install them on the new metal lines.

IMG (Large)100_2538 (Large)

Once everything is put back on (use new copper seal washers!), refill the brake fluid. I went with ATE Superblue racing brake fluid.