Coolant Lines

Building new coolant feed/return lines for 20v swap:

Next you need to build new coolant and heater lines. For the heater lines I am using silicone hoses and for the main coolant lines I used several pieces. I used several 90 degree silicone elbows, a long section of aluminum pipe, as well as some flexible rubber hose that I purchased online. I connected the lines as most people do, with the passenger side going to the back outlet near the exhaust manifold, and the driver side going to the side inlet near the tranny. Make sure you buy enough length as I just had enough and I overestimated what I needed. Make sure to buy lots of worm clamps as well, I needed 12 in total.


Fill up with new coolant. I use Toyota brand coolant.

100_3125 (Large)100_3191 (Large)


To give you an idea of what other people have done for the coolant lines for a 20v swap, here are some images that I sourced (and used to helpĀ me design my system) from the MR2 forum and MR2OC.