Exhaust Manifold

Modifying the 16v exhaust manifold to fit the 20v:

One decision of a 20V 4AGE swap is to either use the 20V header and implement a new exhaust system (or modify yours) OR use the 16V exhaust manifold but you need to cut the ears on it. I decided to go this route as it was easier and I’m not upgrading my exhaust yet.  I took the old 16V manifold off the dead engine. Cleaned it up, plugged the EGR hole with a transmission bolt and modified the ears to fit on the 20V engine. A few of the bolts for the manifold heat shield snapped on removal, so I re-tapped the holes for new OEM bolts.

Here you can see how the 16V manifold does not line up perfectly with the 20V block (the two ears on each side are off). You need to grind off some parts of the ears and use mounting bolts with big washers to hold the manifold in place. A new manifold gasket should be used as well.

100_2866 (Large)100_2887 (Large)100_2888 (Large)

I also decided to install and oil filter sandwich adapter. The adapter provides ports for measuring the oil pressure and oil temperature for gauges on the dash.