Fuel Lines

Replacing fuel lines for the 20V swap:

The final piece of the puzzle for a 20V swap is the fuel lines. The fuel return line will work from the 16V setup, but you might want to replace it as its old. The high pressure fuel feed line won’t work without some modification. The shape of the end connector is different between the 16v and 20v so it wont install properly. You could try and modify it, but I went the safer route and ordered new stainless steel lines from side2side racing (note: I do not recommend ordering from this company, I waited 3 months and was promised 2 weeks).

You can also upgrade your vacuum lines at this time if you want. I decided to do this and went with blue silicone ones from ebay. Just measure the sizes of the stock ones and order the right sizes, you don’t need much.

Note: the fuel feed line is blue and threads directly to the fuel rail. The fuel return line is stainless-steel and is a push-on type connection.