MAF Intake Sensor (AFM)

Replacing MAF intake sensor for 20V swap:

The next thing is to finish the intake piping. You need to purchase a new MAF sensor, as the 16V one does not work. I believe you can buy one from a camry, part number 22250-74101. I connected this to the intake manifold using a straight silicone connector. Then on the other side you need to get a adapter bracket (this comes with intake filter kits off ebay) to which I connected a 90 degree bend that I found left over in my parts bin. This bend already has a hole and adapter so that you can connect a vacuum tube from the valve cover to route blowby gases. At the end of this you attach your filter, I used a cone-style cheap ebay filter.



Some of the vacuum lines are a little tricky to figure out, especially if they have been disconnected. I replaced all the rubber lines on my engine with silicone (blue). Here is an image that helped.