20V Part numbers

A list of part numbers for the 20V engines that I have collected:

These are Toyota OEM parts that can be purchased through any Toyota dealer. Just take these part numbers to the parts counter.

Part number Part description
04111-16211 complete gasket overhaul
16100-19245 silvertop water pump
19101-16010   Distributor cap
19102-74040 Distributor rotor
13568-19035 timing belt
99365-80840 alternator belt
04111-16211 Engine overhaul gasket set, 20V Silvertop
04111-16330 Engine overhaul gasket set, 20V Blacktop
11213-16021 Valve cover gasket, 20V
13540-16010 Timing belt tensioner, 20V Blacktop
13505-16030 Timing belt idler, 20V Blacktop
13568-19035 Timing belt, 20V Silvertop
13568-19185 Timing belt, 20V Blacktop
15100-19045 Oil pump, 20V Blacktop
16100-19245 Water pump, 20V Silvertop
16100-19285   Water pump, 20V Blacktop
17173-16030 Exhaust manifold gasket, 20V
17177-16020 Intake manifold gasket, 20V Silvertop
17177-16030 Intake manifold gasket, 20V Blacktop
90210-09016 Valve cover grommet, 20V
90311-40015 Intake cam seal, 20V
90916-03075 Thermostat
16325-62010 Thermostat gasket