Crank Pulley Tool

Building a custom tool to hold the crank in place:

If you do not have an impact gun, removing the crank pulley is almost impossible. As soon as your try and torque the center bolt, the crank turns. You need to hold the crank in place while removing the central bolt. The same is true when installing the crank pulley, you need to hold the crank steady while torquing down the bolt to the required specifications. Finally, when removing and installing the flywheel, you need to hold the crank in place. All this can be achieved by building a simple tool that bolts to the crank pulley and provides a lever arm such that you can prevent the crank from spinning while working on the engine.

To build the tool I used a long piece of aluminum bar, 1/2 inch thickness. I cut a notch in the end and wrapped it in duct tape so that I could easily grab the end. On the opposite side, I drilled 3 holes, two for bolts that thread into the crank pulley, and one such that I could have access to the center bolt that holds the crank pulley in place. The bolts are M8 and 2 inches long.