Exhaust System

Refurbishing your old exhaust system:

For my 20V swap, since I was using the old 16v exhaust manifold, I was able to re-use my complete exhaust system. Eventually this will need to be upgraded, however it works fine for now. The first step was to clean it up, anything to do with the exhaust must deal with extreme temperature fluctuations and moisture, leading to rust formation. I cleaned the whole system using a wire brush. To install the new system, you need to support it at several points using floor jacks and/or cinder blocks. Once you can get it high enough and level, you can start connecting everything.

I replaced the gaskets for the downpipe to exhaust header (circular gaskets). You can see how much the old ones had degraded.

During this process, one of my exhaust hangars broke. I replaced it quickly and easily using semi-flexible stiff steel wire.