Intake Piping Removal

Replacing the convoluted air intake path:

While talking to a local MR2 enthusiast during a buy/sell interaction he told me about how long and convoluted the intake piping on these cars was and how he had removed it. I didn’t believe him, the intake piping REALLY snakes ALL the way around? After I removed the trunk trim, I realized, it did. So I decided to remove the intake piping completely and implement a simple replacement. The stock intake path begins at the passenger side air scoop, runs along the entire back of the trunk, then passes through an air filter and then through the trunk wall into the engine compartment. There are several resonator boxes located along this length, presumably to remove any resonances which would cause excessive induction noise.



The replacement induction system is quite simple. The engine intake plenum connects directly to the air flow meter (AFM) which is connected through an adapter to a 90 deg elbow with a cone-type air filter at the end. The elbow was a re-purposed piece and already had a fitting for the PCV (positive crankcase ventilation) hose to connect to (small blue hose).