Oxygen Sensor

Replacing your oxygen sensor:

While refurbishing my exhaust system, I decided to replace the oxygen sensor at the same time. The old sensor was very difficult to remove, and I am thankful I decided to do this job while the exhaust was detached from the car, otherwise it would have been nigh impossible. I purchased a new OEM replacement style sensor from NTK. The box comes with everything you need, including a gasket and copper grease.

Since I was using this sensor with my new 20V setup, I quickly realized that the 20V harness adapter for the oxygen sensor was a different style than the 16V (maybe it uses a different style of sensor), so I needed to adapt and modify the sensor connector from the 16V harness to the end of the new oxygen sensor. This involved removing the stock connector, and soldering on the one cut off the 16V harness.

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