Aftermarket Gauges

Adding aftermarket gauges to your dash:

The last thing I have been working on and just finished is my gauges for displaying oil temp, oil pressure, and coolant temp. Remember, I installed an oil filter sandwich plate and also had a adapter housing in the new coolant lines to mount a temp sensor.

100_2889 (Large)100_3035 (Large) 100_3036 (Large)

The wiring was a bit hectic, since the wires have to run from the engine bay to the center console, but once everything was sorted out it wasn’t too bad. I also connected the circuit to a switch, when can be seen below the radio, so that I can turn the gauges off if they bug me at night. Since the gauge pod was too large to sit on the stock upper section of the center console, I made a custom mounting plate that used two dowels and two screws to fix to the upper dash.