Drive Axle Rebuild

Rebuilding your drive axles:

Another part that I needed to get for my automatic to manual conversion was new drive axles, as the automatic ones just won’t work with the manual transmission. The ones I got were in good shape, expect one was leaking grease from its end seal. I decided to rebuild both, because what the hell.

I ordered a complete boot kit setup from rockauto for next to nothing (the toyota version is ridiculously $$$) and got to installing them. The install is quite easy, but very very messy, as lots of grease is packed into each boot. You need to get rid of the old grease and clean everything up.

The new boots fit quite well, I was very impressed. After driving a few hundred km, I noticed some grease was leaking out, I decided to squirt some black RTV sealant around the edges of the boots (engine side). This seemed to do the trick.

You can’t buy the harmonic balancer used on the longer shaft anymore, so try and repair your’s if you can (mine was beat up). Also, the triangular seals on the end-plates of the axles (engine side) cannot be purchased new, so re-use the old ones.

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