Oil Pump (+FMS)

Replacing your oil pump and front main seal:

After driving my 4age 20v around for some time, I realized that I had a significant oil leak. Since I had replaced the oil pan seal a few weeks ago, I narrowed the leak down to the front main seal (FMS). This seal is press-fit into the oil pump on the front of the engine and prevents oil loss while allowed the crankshaft to exit the engine to spin the crank wheel.

To remove the oil pump you need to remove the plastic engine covers on the front of the engine. You must pull off the crank pulley. Then you must remove the timing belt and timing belt gear. I needed to make a special tool to do this, I purchased a two-jaw puller and ground down the ends to fit.  You must also remove the oil pan (this forced me to re-seal the oil pan again).  Purchase a new OEM seal as well as an oil pump gasket. Put everything back the way you took it off, and torque all the bolts to spec.  This job was not fun with the engine in the car, if you can, do it while the engine is out of the car.

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