New Steering Wheel

Replacing the stock steering wheel with a light-wheel removable unit:

I was unsatisfied with my stock steering wheel. I felt that it was too clunky and needed to be upgraded. To remove the steering wheel you first remove the center horn button (couple of screws) and then you have access to the large central fastener. Once that is removed, you need to purchase yourself a steering wheel puller to easily and safely pull the steering wheel off the splined steering shaft. The next thing to do is install the new steering wheel hub. I went with NRG products so I ordered the appropriate NRG short hub. Once the short hub is installed, you may or may not install a quick-release adapter. This adapter allows you to quickly and painlessly remove and install the steering wheel with one hand. It makes a good anti-theft device. I purchased a no-name brand quick release setup. Lastly, time to install the new steering wheel. I went with an NRG deep dish wheel. To keep your horn working, you need to wire it in. A few minutes with the soldering iron and the job is done.

Note: Performing this modification will cause the turn signals to stay on even after your turn is completed. From now on, you have to manually disable your turn signals after each turn.

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