Lazy Eye Headlights

How to easily wire a lazy-eye circuit:

Credit for this modification goes to Jimi and Scottsman from MR2oc, the original write-up that I followed is located here. Essentially what we are doing is creating a manual break in the headlight motor circuit using a simple switch. With this break we can control how long the motors run which controls the position of the headlights.

Only a few simple supplies are needed for this mod. You need two male push fit crimps, two female push fit crimps, and some wire (I used 14 gauge).

1. The first thing to do is locate the headlight motor fuse (30A  RTRMTR) in the frunk fuse panel. The fuses are labeled on the underside of the plastic cover.  Remove the fuse.


2. The next step is to cut some wire and solder in the end-connectors. The first piece is very short, it connects one side of the fuse back into the fuse panel, it has both a female and male end. The other two lengths of wire should be relatively long, they will pass through the firewall into the cabin and will be wired to a switch. One of these wires connects to the other end of the fuse, and the other connects to the remaining slot in the fuse panel.


3. The final step is to connect everything and run the wires into the cabin. Solder them to an appropriately placed switch and you can now control the current going to the headlight motors manually.