Flywheel and Clutch

Installing the flywheel and clutch:

The transmission and flywheel were removed to get the engine block on the stand for repair work, so it was necessary to put everything back together. When installing the flywheel, I used new ARP flywheel bolts (using new bolts is recommended by Toyota). Use lots of loctite when installing the bolts with a torque wrench. When performing this job, it is necessary to lock the crankshaft in place. To do this, I built a special tool which bolts up to the crank pulley on the front of the engine.


After the flywheel was put on, the clutch was installed. The old clutch looked alright, with a nice TRD logo on it.  I measured the friction surface depth and it was within spec according to the service manual. However, since I did not purchase a new clutch, I needed to order a clutch alignment tool separately (they come with new clutches) to get the clutch aligned during install.

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